Of what is a Well Balanced Diet Constituted?

Why is it so important to eat a well balanced diet? You want to have energy, right? And, you would like to feel good every day and appear younger despite your age, right? A diet that contains the right combination of foods is the key to all of that and to enjoying optimal health!

What Does a Balanced Diet Do For Me?

The body requires certain foods and beverages to stay healthy and fuel the body’s immune system and all the body’s organs. A balanced diet feeds the body and gives it what it needs to maintain healthy organs, body tissues, and cells and ensures that the body develops as it should.

What Foods and Drinks to Include in a Balanced Diet

The recommendations, according to the U.S. Food Pyramid, include the following for a diet that is well balanced and healthy.

Organic foods are excellent if you can find them and fit the cost of them into your budget, but otherwise, get the best quality possible.

  • Vegetables – eat a rainbow of colorful veggies. Fresh or frozen vegetables are best.

  • Fruits – yes, eat many colors of fruits and 100% all fruit juices.

  • Grains – whole grains daily are the best source of carbohydrates.

  • Milk – an excellent source of calcium; drink milk daily and opt for skim or low-fat.

  • Lean protein – steer clear of red meats when you can and eat other leaner proteins such as turkey, chicken, beans, fish, and nuts.

  • Healthy oils/fats – coconut oil, olive oil and omega-3s.

The amount of food you eat should be proportionate to the energy you expend. In other words, an elderly person will not require as much food as a teenager and a young adult might require less than a toddler. It just depends on how active you are and how well you take care of yourself.

One note about fruit juices: opt for juices that are 100% juice, like pomegranate juice, organic orange juice, and the like. Otherwise, you’ll consume a lot more sugar than is healthy for you.

Read enough about well balanced diet and want to discover more about fruit diets?

Amazing Pomegranate Health Benefits

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