Pomegranate and Natural Cold Remedies – A Powerful Connection

What does a pomegranate and natural cold remedies have in common? Nothing really other than it’s possible that by eating pomegranate fruit and drinking the juice of this antioxidant-packed fruit, you could shorten the amount of time that you’ll suffer from cold symptoms.

It’s true, colds cannot be cured, but rather a cold must be endured. The length of time you may have a cold really varies from person to person. However, if you knew you could shorten the time that you suffered from aches, soreness, sore throat, runny nose, red watering eyes and fatigue, wouldn’t you want to know how to do it or have some kind of cold solution?

Truths About How To Fight a Cold

Pomegranates and natural cold remedies may have more in common than studies have revealed to date, but if you look closely at how physicians recommend you bolster your immune system to prevent or fight a cold, you’ll see how pomegranate fruit and juice may be helpful to you.

Vitamins A and C are both recommended by physicians to patients with cold symptoms. These vitamins are found in many foods and juices, including pomegranates! Simply by including pomegranate fruit and juice in your daily diet, you could possibly avoid ever getting a cold or, if you’re already experiencing a cold, it’s possible that you could shorten the number of days you’ll be laid out on the couch with a box of tissues.

Although the studies are not conclusive in regards to the effect zinc has on the common cold, there are some physicians who recommend a higher zinc intake during cold season. Pomegranate fruit packs a significant amount of zinc compared to other fruits and since the zinc contained in the fruit and juice is natural, it is healthy and safe to eat even on a daily basis.

Pomegranate, Natural Cold Remedies and Antioxidants
When you hear about the health benefits of pomegranate fruit and juice, one of the most important things to note is that this fruit is packed with the most antioxidant power of any fruit, vegetable, or beverage known to man. It’s absolutely amazing how many powerful antioxidants are jammed into this small to medium size fruit.

What affect do antioxidants have on the common cold?

Antioxidants are helpful in fighting colds because they naturally inhibit free radicals from attacking our bodies and causing chemical damage within our bodies. Foods and beverages with high levels of antioxidants are going to help fight off the common cold and help you to feel better much quicker.

Pomegranate and natural cold remedies are connected when you look at the health benefits this relatively small fruit delivers. Pomegranate fruit and juice can help prevent the common cold or can help you fight it more effectively if you do contract a cold. It makes sense then to include both the fruit and the juice in your diet, doesn’t it?

Read enough about natural cold remedies and want to discover other health benefits of pomegranate juice?

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