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January 12, 2016

One of my clients who was extremely anemic had to have a blood

transfusion every week. It was very hard for her to undergo the 

treatments. Despite the transfusions she was still very weak.

Then she started drinking pomegranate juice. She had a glass a day.

Two months have passed.She no longer needs transfusions.She feels

excellent  and is completely back to normal.The moral of the story " A

glass of pomegranate juice a day keeps the doctor away "

October 31, 2015

I asked one of my Pomegranate juice customers,

why he drank pomegranate juice every day .

He told me that it helped him lower his blood pressure

 and his  problem of high cholesterol.

January 27, 2013

"Natural Home Remedies for Loose Motion or Diarrhea"

Peel off a pomegranate, dry it up in the sun for few days, and then powder it using a blender.

You can boil a teaspoon of this powder in each cup of water, and then drink it as a healthy pomegranate tea.

This powder can be taken one to three teaspoons a day depending upon the severity of loose motions. It helps reduce the frequency of loose motions and it will also improve appetite.

September 6, 2012

"Another amazing health benefit of pomegranate."

My friend's kid had hand, foot and mouth disease in his mouth. His mother put some pomegranate juice on his lips. It really burned his lips for a while but after a few hours the disease just vanished.

Isn't that amazing!

June 5, 2012

A woman that has breast cancer was told that pomegranate juice might help her, so I shared some pure pomegranate juice from my freezer. She incorporated the juice into her daily diet by drinking one cup of juice per day for a time.

Guess what she said about how the juice made her feel?

She told me that she felt like the juice cleaned her body from the inside out and really helped her!

Her hair is beginning to grow in and she feels much better all around. She's enjoying sports activities again too!

We do recommend that every person who is interested in including pomegranate juice in their diet get their physician's advice before adding it on a regular basis.

January 25, 2012

I'd like to share with you one more of my real life stories about one of my friends who is pregnant and feeling physically poor for quite a while now.

She went to her doctor and had a blood test done. The results showed that her iron count is very low.

Her physician recommended that she drink some pomegranate juice to see if it would help raise her iron count, so I shared with her some of my frozen pomegranate juice.

She drank one cup per day for a few days in a row. Within that short time, she started to feel better!

For me, this is just more proof that pure pomegranate juice is truly amazing and has excellent health benefits.

We always recommend that women who are expecting a baby get a physician's advice before drinking pomegranate juice.

July 31, 2011

I'm excited to share another real life story with you!

My daughter's friend is nine months pregnant and anemic. Her blood count is extremely low, so her doctor explained to her that if her blood count remained low, she would not be able to have an epidural anesthesia to help her during the birth of her baby.

I gave her a few bottles of my frozen pomegranate juice to see if it might increase her blood count. She drank one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening for three days.

She had another blood test and the results she received back were very encouraging! Her blood count had gone up!

The best news was that her doctor told her she could have an epidural anesthesia during the birth of her baby since her blood count had gone up. Isn't that a beautiful story?

Please note, we recommend that every pregnant woman get her doctor's advice before adding pomegranate juice to her diet.

Jun 1, 2011

A real life story about pomegranate juice..

Our friends daughter, who is in hers 30's, has had surgery to remove a malignant tumor in her breast.

Unfortunately, there were complications during surgery and she lost 1.5 liters of blood.

The doctors told her it would be better if the body reproduced the blood and therefore did not give her a blood transfusion.

After the operation she felt terrible.

She was very anemic her hemoglobin level count was down to 7 from a normal level of 13.

She was given the suggestion of drinking natural squeezed pomegranate juice.

I gave her a few frozen glass juice bottles.

Amazingly after 36 hours of drinking a few cups of the pomegranate juice, her hemoglobin levels went up from 7 to 9 and she started to feel a lot better.

What do you think of this amazing story?

December 28, 2010

What's new in our Pomegranate Site?

We wrote some great new content about antioxidant drinks and the benefits of them in October 2010. Check out our huge selection of recipes using deliciously tangy and healthy pomegranate juice just in time for the holidays!

Fruit diets are an amazing way to get healthier and give your body what it needs to fight disease. We wrote all about this exciting topic in December 2010. Take a few minutes to read all about our best natural pomegranate fruit diets!

October 3, 2010

Home Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Do you struggle with painful hemorrhoids?

Over the holidays, I discovered a fantastic home remedy for hemorrhoids. I hope it helps you too!

Cook the peels of 5 to 6 pomegranate fruits in 2 liters of pure water. Pour the water off into clean and sterilized jars. Allow the water to cool and then store them in the refrigerator.

Drink one glass of the pomegranate water in the morning and another glass in the evening. It is a bit bitter tasting, but the results are well worth it!

You should notice a difference in the condition of your hemorrhoids after drinking this water.

Enjoy eating the pomegranate arils and reap the benefits of the peels too by making this home remedy for hemorrhoids!

Eat and enjoy all its amazing health benefits.

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