Pomegranate Juice for Womens Fertility is Symbolic for Life and Family

Drinking pomegranate juice for womens fertility is one way to increase your sex drive, enable you to become pregnant, and also help to ensure that you’ll give birth to a healthy baby. Since the beginning of time, the pomegranate fruit and its juice have been hailed as an amazing promoter of fertility. In Armenia, the pomegranate fruit is a symbol representing marriage and abundance. The fruit has often been seen depicted in drawings and mentioned in historical writings as a powerful fruit with amazing health benefits, including increased fertility, fighting against the natural aging process, and protecting people from diseases.

Is Drinking Pomegranate Juice for Womens Fertility a New Trend?

Pomegranates are historically revered as a natural aphrodisiac. It supposedly increases desire and has said to possibly be the fruit that Adam gave to Eve (everyone says it was an apple, but who knows for sure?). It is thought that the first trees may have been planted sometime around 3000BC if the historical writings are correct. Is there any proof to support the myths that have been around for years surrounding the benefits of pomegranate juice for womens fertility?

Why Drink Pomegranate Juice for Womens Fertility Nowadays?

It seems that pomegranates have been looked upon as a natural aphrodisiac and symbol of fertility for thousands of years…so why wouldn’t the scientists of today look at it as a viable option for women trying to get pregnant in today’s world? Here are some of the facts surrounding pomegranate juice for womens fertility and perhaps the reasons you should consider adding this amazing juice to your daily diet.

  1. Women require folic acid during pregnancy. It is recommended for women who are trying to conceive and to women expecting a baby, to up their intake of folic acid so that the baby will have an even greater chance of being healthy. Pomegranate juice has a high concentration of folic acid and drinking one single glass per day gives a woman a full day’s supply of folic acid (in one fell swoop!)
  2. Drinking pomegranate juice for womens fertility can reduce leg cramps in pregnant women. Women who are expecting often experience leg cramps during the night, preventing them from sleeping. By drinking the juice, it’s less likely you’ll have to endure leg cramps (the juice contains a good amount of potassium which is said to reduce the occurrences of leg cramps).
  3. Pomegranate juice contains folic acid – this is important to note because during times of rapid cell growth and division, the body requires more folic acid in order to keep the body healthy and protect it from developing certain medical conditions. A woman who is pregnant needs all the help she can get in this area!

  4. Drinking pomegranate juice for womens fertility may also reduce the risk of the infant developing a brain injury due to a lack of blood flow. Pomegranate juice contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids that can help blood vessels remain open and allow the blood to flow properly to all areas of the body. This is vital to ensuring that the baby doesn’t experience a lack of oxygen to the brain and causing potentially serious medical issues.
  5. Drinking pomegranate juice could replace wine during pregnancy – let’s face it; many women enjoy a good glass of wine a few times a week. However, during pregnancy, alcohol is never a good idea. Pomegranate juice is tart, tangy, and delicious and could very well provide an alternative beverage during the months of pregnancy. Women can enjoy all the health benefits at the same time without any of the guilt!
  6. The antioxidants and other wonderful vitamins and nutrients found in the juice of a pomegranate, wine, and berries have been positively linked to preventing the aging process and to potential protection of the brain.

Pomegranates are a subtropical fruit, if you want to feel warm and fun then pomegranate is perfect for you.

So go ahead and drink a cup of pomegranate juice today!

Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Read enough about pomegranate juice for womens fertility and want to discover other health benefits of pomegranate juice?

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Amazing Pomegranate Health Benefits

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