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January 7 2014

It is now the end of the Pomegranate fruit season.

The farmers finished picking the last crops at the end December 2013. Most of the crops went to the markets, but some of the fruits were stored in  coolers for later  use. Most of the fruits that you will see in the markets from now until the next season will come from these coolers. Due to the  cost of cooling the price has gone up.

You can buy fresh fruit and store them in the fridge for about one year. You can also make fresh juice and store  it in the fridge for about 10 days, or freeze the juice in glass bottles for about one year.

Have a nice winter, we can't wait for the next Pomegranate season.

January 24 2013

It is now the hot pruning season.

One of the basic rules in pruning Pomegranate trees is to keep the 

heads of the branches as they are, You should NEVER cut them down.

I made a big mistake last year, cutting the heads of the branches,

then the trees grew very tall, The result was a very poor yield in the 


June 18 2012

You could store pomegranates seeds(arils) in your freezer for a whole year.

I still have pomegranate seeds frozen in plastic (Tupperware) containers from last year.

I use them every week in salads and desserts; they add pizzazz, color, taste and health.

It looks good and tastes great even after a year in the freezer.

Now is the time to stock up on containers to store the pomegranate seeds for the upcoming year.

April 22, 2012

The winter has been long and rainy. Thank God the spring season just showed up! I love this season when all the fields are nice and green.

It's the beginning of the new pomegranate season!

The trees are covered with new, reddish beautiful leaves in preparation for the beautiful red blossom that will show up in the coming weeks.

Let's hope this is a fruitful pomegranate season!

I wish you a good pomegranate season.

Please enjoy the pictures of my pomegranate orchard so you can see how pomegranate trees should look at this time of year.

January 23, 2012

It's at this time of year that you want to prune your trees.

My trees grew up very tall in the past few years, so I am cutting them down much shorter this season. See the enclosed pictures to see what I mean.

There are some benefits of having shorter trees. First of all, it's much easier to reach and pick the fruits.

Secondly, the trees will receive more air and sunlight with fewer branches, so the fruits will be tastier and nicer.

Last of all, because we have shorter trees, we get fewer fruits on each tree and that's actually a good thing because the fruits will be larger.

The advantage of producing larger pomegranate fruits is that people tend to buy the larger fruits over smaller ones. This gives us a head start on selling our pomegranates.

Taller pomegranate trees with more branches tend to break more easily because they are loaded down with fruits. This can be damaging to your tree and your fruit.

Good luck with your pruning season!

September 1, 2011

Alternaria in pomegranate

This disease invades many different crops and lately it has been found in the pomegranate crops. It is a fungus that goes into the flower and then passes unseen into the small fruit.

The fruits look fairly normal on the outside, growing just like regular healthy pomegranates. You don't see the difference between the infected fruits and the healthy ones until they are ready to be picked.

When you open them, you'll see that the pomegranate inside is black and is not edible.

Currently there is no chemical cure to Alternaria, so the best way to rid your crop of the bad fruits is to try and identify the bad ones by looking closely at each fruit.

The infected fruits will appear darker in color on the outside with half the pomegranate looking dark red and the other half appearing lighter in color. The fruits that have the fungus will be lighter in weight and will come off the tree easily when picked. It's my advice that you pick out any diseased fruits and throw them away so you're good fruits are not infected.

Here is a picture of a diseased fruit so you might be able to tell the good from the bad in your own orchard.

August 21, 2011

Good news!!

The pomegranate season has started!

You can now find fresh pomegranates in the supermarket. They will be a bit expensive because the season has just barely begun, but if you really, really want pomegranate fruit, you can find it.

If the higher price doesn't fit into your budget right now, wait about two to three weeks and there will be a lot more pomegranates in the supermarket at decent prices.

You'll also be able to buy pomegranate juice in a few weeks at a decent price.

Here is a picture of the pomegranate I picked and tasted today. It was delicious.

August 7, 2011

You'll want to wrap your pomegranates with nylon stockings at this time of the year so they'll be protected from bugs.

That way, you'll get to enjoy fruits that are insect-free and beautifully red, ripe, and ready to eat come September.

Here is a picture of a wrapped pomegranate.

May 26, 2011

The New Season is Blossoming

The trees are full of flowers and little fruits can be seen through the blossoming flowers.

It's a good idea to spray against the ants that tend to invade the trees and fruits during this time of the year. The ants actually bring harmful insects to the fruits, so it's a good idea to spray now and prevent damage to your fruits altogether.

Thinning the fruit is a good practice at this point in the growing season. Thin out the twins and triplets (fruits) and leave one fruit to grow properly.

April 6, 2011

Starting a New Pomegranate Season

It's a nice new season for the pomegranate trees. The trees started blossoming with red beautiful leaves that make you think it's fall.

Now it is the time to look for those black insects on the leaves.

February 1, 2011

Pomegranate Weeds Treatment

Pomegranate trees are very sensitive to weed killers. We usually use weed killers to kill the weeds in pomegranates orchards. You should be careful not to spray on the tree's trunk or around it, or on the tree's leaves or else you could damage your trees.

I use my hands, or any tool, to cut out the weeds that are around the trees.

January 25, 2011

Pomegranate Pruning Season – Continued

Here is another tip about pruning your pomegranate trees.

You should prune all the small branches called "suckers" that grow up the earth all around the trunk. This way the trees will grow stronger and your fruits will grow bigger too.

January 16 2011

Pomegranate Pruning Season

This is the season for pruning your pomegranate trees.

If you grow your pomegranate trees for fruits, you should prune all the branches that grow in the middle of the tree. This way the trees will receive more sun and more air and the reward is larger, nicer, and more beautifully colored fruits.

October 14, 2010

Hot Pomegranate Season!

I just want to remind you, that we are in the peak of the fruit season. You can buy fresh pomegranates in the local stores, supermarkets and farmer's markets.

If you can't eat all the fruits right away, they can be refrigerated until around February or March.

What can you do with pomegranates?

You can eat the seeds straight from the fruit, make freshly squeezed juice, add them to your morning yogurt or cereal, or toss them on your salads. There's so much more you can do with this fruit!

You can even make enough juice to freeze for when you will not be able to buy fresh pomegranates in the stores.

The best way to freeze them is in glass bottles because freezing in plastic bottles is not good for your health and will alter the flavor of the juice.

You can also cook the pomegranate peels and use the cooked water for hemorrhoids treatment. This water can be refrigerated for a few months. Shake the water before drinking it.

There are so many ways to utilize this amazing fruit and you get to enjoy the health benefits of the pomegranate along with the delicious taste!

October 12, 2010

Breaking Pomegranate News!

I mentioned in the September 14, 2010 news report that you should wrap your pomegranates in nylon socks rather than paper bags. There is a very good reason for this.

I just heard that pomegranates that were wrapped in white paper bags this year turned out white instead of red and therefore can only be sold for making juice, not as fruit. I am thinking that the intensely hot summer we had may have been the reason the bags didn't work as well as they would have in other years.

This happened in a few big commercial pomegranate fields where all the pomegranates were wrapped in paper bags. Unfortunately, this caused major economic loss for the owners of these fields.

The commercial wholesalers need to come up with some idea of how to wrap the pomegranates in a type of nylon net that will let the pomegranate breathe, get sun and water, and turn out in the right color.

So remember, for the new season, wrap the pomegranates in nylon socks or nylon nets, and not paper bags.

September 14, 2010

Now that the pomegranate season is at its peak, we need to keep those pesky insects away from our lovely fruits.

I just heard of a great way to protect pomegranates from insects.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 and uses no chemicals or poison. It's environmentally friendly and it works!

Put a nylon sock on each pomegranate instead of the paper bags that everyone else is using.

Why a nylon sock?

  • the nylon sock protects the pomegranate from insects and still lets enough sun and fresh air get to the pomegranate

  • the pomegranate develops great color and becomes bigger then the pomegranates protected by paper bag

  • the pomegranate grows into a better tasting, organic, sweet, red wonderful fruit

I wish you all a prosperous pomegranate season full with wonderful sweet and red pomegranates.

Eat and enjoy all its amazing health benefits.

Read enough about recent fruit news on pomegranates and want to discover more about amazing pomegranate health benefits?

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