Pomegranate Wonderful Fruit is Packed with Cancer-fighting Properties

The pomegranate wonderful variety is unique compared to other pomegranate varieties because it is a sweeter fruit and contains arils that are a deep ruby red in color. This variety is a favorite with consumers during the latter part of the year for decorating purposes and for adding to holiday pomegranate recipes.

Nutritional Value of the Pomegranate Wonderful

It's nutritional value is higher than other varieties. Wonderfuls are bursting with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, which help to fight cancer. These pomegranates are also a good source of Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin K, fiber, and iron.

Where Do Wonderfuls Grow?

The pomegranate wonderful variety originated in Florida, but has been propagated in California since the year 1896. It is the oldest of the pomegranate cultivars. This variety is sensitive to cold temperatures, so it makes sense that it would do well in a warmer climate such as the state of California. They do best in the hot inland valleys of California. The Wonderful fruit is hearty and can not only survive, but also thrive in even poorly hydrated soil. This variety is appreciated for the way it requires very little water while producing great amounts of fruit.

What Does a Wonderful Look Like?

This variety of pomegranate grows either on a shrub that tends to sprawl or the plant can be trained as a tree in areas where space may be an issue. Left to their own devices, Wonderful plants can grow to whopping 20 feet high unless pruned properly. Gardeners love this tree or shrub because the flower it produces is the brightest red seen in any garden.

Pomegranates wonderful are large and deep red-purple in color. The flesh inside of the fruit is a deep red color. The seeds from this variety are best juiced, but can be eaten fresh as well. They’re not easily bruised and they don’t turn brown like many other varieties of fruit.

The deep color of this variety of pomegranate fruit is popular for decorating at Thanksgiving and during the Christmas holidays. Because these fruits can last for weeks outside of refrigeration, they are ideal for decorating through the last few months of the year.

Decorate with Pomegranates Wonderful

Display a large glass bowl filled with pomegranate fruit for a lovely addition to any table. Or, attach the pomegranates to a wire wreath along with pinecones and greenery for a truly unique holiday wreath or table decoration. If you want to save them for the following year, allow the fruits to sit for a time until they have dried out. Use the dried versions in a new wreath the following year.

How Is This Variety of Pomegranate Used for Cooking?

Pomegranate fruit is popular for use in juices, marinades, glazes, salads, meat dishes, smoothies, and yogurt. The arils (seeds) of Wonderful varieties are excellent for juicing to drink fresh or to put into recipes for glazes, toppings, or salad dressings. The list of recipes for using pomegranate juice and seeds is growing all the time. The Wonderful fruit is one of the most popular varieties of pomegranate grown and eaten in the United States and around the world.

Read enough about pomegranate wonderful and want to discover more about this healthy fruit?

Amazing Pomegranate Health Benefits

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