What About Pomegranate Peels is So Special?

Pomegranate peels are gaining popularity for many reasons when it comes to the fantastic health benefits they can provide. There are several other uses for pomegranate peels as well, but let’s look first at the phenomenal healthy content in the peels of this amazing fruit.

Did you know that the peels of a pomegranate fruit contain double the antioxidants that the pulp contains? Now, we not only can benefit from the juice of the arils, but the antioxidants contained in the peel too. Imagine it – the peels and the fruit both being extremely beneficial to our health!

A Study on Pomegranate Peels vs. Pomegranate Pulp

Some Chinese researchers claim that the peels have great potential as a supplement to our health. Scientists in China at the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine performed tests on the peels vs. the pulp to see what levels of specific antioxidants and vitamins were contained in each. Their findings were very interesting.

Pomegranate peels yield more of the powerful antioxidants such as flavonoids, phenolics, and proanythocyanidins than what the pulp yields. Even the tests performed to test antioxidant activity showed that the peels of the pomegranate fruit had higher activity levels than the pulp. These findings are interesting in that the antioxidant activity in the peels was more successful in protecting LDL cholesterol against oxidation.

Why is that important? Because oxidative stress can lead to heart disease and other medical conditions, high antioxidant activity can be one way to fight this state that is so harmful to the body. There isn’t any hard evidence yet to quote, but it is thought that the peel of the pomegranate could be a powerful “tool” against heart disease and other limiting (and sometimes fatal) medical conditions.

The Vitamin C level was pretty much equal between the pulp and the peel.

Other Interesting Uses for Pomegranate Peels

Did you know?

  • The peels of pomegranate fruits are used to prepare some tooth powders and toothpastes

  • Peels can be fed to cattle as a supplement to their regular feed to yield higher antioxidant levels in the meat

  • Dry peels of pomegranate are used in conjunction with ginger and Tulsi leaves to prepare a home remedy for coughing

  • The peels have been used for adding “dye” or color to fabrics

  • The extract from peels of pomegranates show possible promise for stabilizing sunflower oil (antioxidant activity)

  • Peels are included in some facial care products (powder form)

  • Some countries used dried peels of pomegranates in their cooking

  • Dried peels can be used in tea

The peels of pomegranates were once considered to be the wasted part of this amazingly healthy fruit. However, as the research continues into the health benefits of pomegranate fruit, seeds, and now the peels, it is obvious that this ancient fruit of Biblical times could be beneficial in more ways than we could imagine at present.

Research continues as scientists look to the pomegranate fruit for further health benefits and uses. This little fruit is truly amazing, so check out the other health benefits a red, softball-sized fruit from across the ocean or from across the country (depending on where you call home) can offer you!

Read enough about pomegranate peels and want to discover more about this healthy fruit?

Amazing Pomegranate Health Benefits

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