Pomegranate for Our Memory – Natural Medicine

Eating pomegranate for our memory could very well improve clarity during the aging process as well as guard against Alzheimer's disease.

It's a simple concept, true, but if you knew that eating pomegranate fruit and drinking the juice of the fruit could help you hold on to your short term and long term memories, wouldn't you be interested in adding this fruit to your daily diet?

I know I would!

Why is including pomegranate for our memory into our daily dietary guidelines so beneficial?

How does the fruit and juice positively affect the brain?

Researchers have discovered that fruit in general provides a boost to the brain because specific properties contained in some fruits can inhibit the development of dementia, potentially hold off Alzheimer's, naturally increases the blood flow to the brain, slow down the aging process specifically related to the brain, and can reduce the risk of damage to brain cells.

When eaten daily and regularly, the brain's neurotransmitters are given a natural boost and they become more efficient at carrying and delivering the electrical impulses that contain information.

Did you know that Vitamin B5 naturally increases the efficiency of nerve impulses within the brain because it forms a co-enzyme that affects those nerve impulses?

Guess what pomegranates contain?

Yes, Vitamin B5!

They also contain high amounts of folic acid, which scientists have long ago determined are essential for proper metabolism of the brain's long-chain fatty acids.

Pomegranate fruit and juice is packed with healthy amounts of Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant in its own right and one that can fight the free radicals that attack the body and the brain regularly.

It was also discovered by a group of researchers in Italy in 2005 that eating pomegranate for our memory can affect the cognitive processes of the brain, especially in an aging population.

The study showed that those people who had a healthy amount of Vitamin E levels in their blood seemed to suffer less from memory loss or "foggy brain" than those who had lower levels of Vitamin E in their bloodstream.

Pomegranate for Our Memory – The Natural Medicine

Would you admit that our world is crazier, busier, and louder than ever before?

Technology comes at you from every angle, billboards are everywhere shouting messages to your brain, cell phones are always going off (either yours or someone else's around you), and we're bombarded with marketing messages every single day simply by walking into a grocery store.

What can you do to protect your brain, body, and memory?

Drinking pomegranate juice and eating pomegranate fruit for preserving memory

– this is an excellent start!

We're not saying that only by adding this food to your diet will guarantee that you'll never experience memory loss, but it could very well inhibit the number of memories you lose during your twilight years, and that's worth noting, is it not?

Boost your nutrition by including all varieties of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and high fiber whole grains into your diet every day.

It's been proven that poor nutrition can actually lead to increased memory loss, so give your body everything it needs to stay healthy and potentially preserve memories for years to come.

Vitamin C and Pomegranate for Our Memory

Australia researchers at the University of Sydney found that when they tested over 100 people living in a retirement community, the impact of Vitamin C on memory was significant.

They discovered that the people who included Vitamin C supplements or ate foods high in Vitamin C seemed to retain more memories and experience slower memory loss.

On the flip side, those who didn't have Vitamin C regularly seemed to have more difficulty with cognitive memory.

Read enough about the pomegranate for our memory and want to discover more about a better life with pomegranate?

Amazing Pomegranate Health Benefits

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