How to Prevent a Stroke!
Pomegranate Juice May Help Keep Arteries Free of Plaque

There is a good chance that one of the ways of how to prevent a stroke is by drinking pomegranate juice to keep your arteries free from the fatty build up of plaque. It’s pretty amazing to think that drinking a mere eight ounces of delicious pomegranate juice once a day could help reduce your risk of stroke.

Why Does a Stroke Occur?

If blood vessels and/or arteries in the body leading to the brain are blocked by plaque build-up (cholesterol, fat, and many other substances), a stroke can occur. Make no mistake, a stroke is a serious medical condition and can render a person without speech, physical capabilities, or coherent thought comprehension. Sometimes a stroke is so severe, it can render a person a vegetable or it can be fatal.

Causes of a stroke include aging, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, smoking, and heart disease. The brain sustains serious damage when a stroke occurs because not only blood flow has been limited or stopped, but also oxygen and glucose as well. Many stroke patients experience loss of movement or feeling in one entire side of the body in addition to not being able to form words, feed themselves, or understand what you’re talking about.

If you knew that drinking pomegranate juice may be a helpful way of how to prevent a stroke and the misery it brings with it, wouldn’t you go to the grocery store or your local health food store right now?

Is It Possible that one of the Ways of How to Prevent a Stroke is by Drinking Pomegranate Juice?

Studies indicate some positive results or possible indications that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice a day could help reduce the risk of stroke, along with a reduced risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
Read here what was found:

  • One cup of pomegranate juice daily improves blood flow to the heart by at least a third or even slightly more

  • Antioxidants within the pomegranate juice prevent the harmful cholesterol from building up in the arteries, which effectively keeps the blood flow moving through the body properly

  • Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, can be reduced with a small amount of this amazing juice once a day.

  • The juice increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body, which is known to keep blood flowing freely through relaxed and clear arteries

  • Blood flow and oxygen levels in the heart are optimal when pomegranate juice is included daily

Just knowing that drinking pomegranate juice may be a helpful way of how to prevent a stroke should be good enough reason to drink it every day. It’s not as if adding this antioxidant-packed juice to your diet is all that difficult either. You can add it to many pomegranate recipes in addition to drinking it fresh!

Give your arteries what they need to prevent plaque from building up in your arteries and possibly causing a debilitating stroke. While you’re effectively preventing the occurrence of a possible stroke, you get the side benefits of preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol as well.

Nice to have supplemental benefits, right? Have one cup of tangy purple pomegranate juice today and add it into your morning schedule every day after that too.

Read enough about how to prevent a stroke and want to discover other health benefits of pomegranate juice?

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