Healthy Kidney Diet Includes Pomegranate and Other High Antioxidant Foods

Our kidneys require a healthy kidney diet if they’re going to function effectively as filters for our body. The kidneys remove excess water and waste from our systems via the urine. If these organs are not functioning properly, a person can become very ill. How does this happen?

Our body is under constant attack from the free radicals. Free radicals can cause degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, some types of cancer, and others. When the body experiences the attack of free radicals and comes under stress, a process called oxidation occurs. Although it’s a normal body process, sometimes the body has to fight extra hard to protect the body from the harmful free radicals and environmental factors it experiences every day.

The Good News!

Research indicates that a healthy kidney diet that includes foods with high levels of antioxidants can not only help the kidneys stay healthy, but can also help the body fight those free radicals and the damage they cause more effectively.

Foods high in antioxidants are called “super foods” and include at least 17 different foods that are recommended to patients with kidney disease. Pomegranate fruit has more antioxidants than red wine, green tea, or any other fruit, so it’s a delicious and healthy food to add to your diet.

Healthy Kidney Diet – Pomegranate Fruit and High Antioxidant Foods

  • Pomegranate fruit – excellent choice simply because it is the one food that contains the highest number of antioxidants of any other food known to date

  • Olive oil – contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants and oleic acid, both of which fight oxidation

  • Strawberries – boast anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and high in antioxidants called phenols

  • Cranberries – keeps bacteria from building up in the bladder

  • Cauliflower – contains compounds that help the kidneys stop toxins from harming the body

  • Red bell peppers – contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant

  • Onions – contain flavonoids, another powerful antioxidant

  • Cabbage – high amounts of phytochemicals which can inhibit free radicals from doing damage to the body

  • Apples – contain anti-inflammatory compounds

  • Garlic – lowers cholesterol

  • Raspberries – contains flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant and ellagic acid, which stops free radicals from doing damage

  • Red grapes – contains flavonoids – these help prevent the harmful process of oxidation

  • Blueberries – packed with anthocyanidins, a powerful antioxidant

  • Egg Whites – a good protein source in place of meat

  • Cherries – contain several antioxidants

  • Fish – packed with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of protein

  • Water – kidneys require regular flushing, so keep a steady amount of water going into your system every day.

What You Shouldn’t Eat on a Healthy Kidney Diet

Watch the levels of potassium, eat less meat (which makes the kidneys work harder than they should), lower your sodium intake, eat few if any sweets or sugary foods, and opt for low-fat dairy foods rather than high-fat dairy foods. Alcohol is not recommended for a kidney diet.

Moderate exercise is encouraged! If possible, try to quit smoking if it’s a habit for you. Following these guidelines and eating these super foods, like pomegranate fruit, will help keep your kidneys functioning in perfect order!

Read enough about healthy kidney diet and want to discover more about the fruit diets?

Amazing Pomegranate Health Benefits

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