By Caring for Fruit Trees You Will Enjoy the Pomegranate Fruits in the Fall

Caring for fruit trees come without too much fuss and bother so that you can still enjoy juicy delicious fruit in the fall. These hearty pomegranate trees are practically impervious to drought and can endure both very hot and very cold temperatures. Even if you have poor soil in your backyard or orchard, pomegranate bushes and trees will grow beautifully with just a bit of fertilizer and tender loving care.

Where Do You Plant the Tree?

The location you choose for your pomegranate tree is important. It must be planted in a location that has the potential to receive a minimum of eight hours of sunlight on a daily basis (obviously rainy days don’t count). The area should be naturally well drained or else the roots of the tree will rot and the tree will die.

Once you’ve chosen a location and dug the hole, loosen the dirt surrounding the ball of roots so the roots are ready to take in moisture and nutrients once it is in the ground. Mix some good fertilizer and compost into the soil you removed from the hole. When you’ve placed the tree into the hole, fill in the dirt mixture in and around the roots. Build it up around the trunk so it is well supported. A good guideline: no roots should be showing through the dirt.

Tips on Caring for Fruit Trees

  • Make sure to water the tree directly after planting it so it gets a good amount of moisture into the roots.

  • Water the tree once or twice a week. You’ll want to give it around ½-inch to 1-inch of water during the initial planting and in the fall, but during the hot summer weather, make sure to increase the water to 1 ½ inches two to three times a week.

  • Caring of fruit trees, pomegranate trees, include a slow release fertilizer that gives the nutrients needed to develop and produce healthy fruit in the fall. Do this 2x per year – once in the spring and once following the harvest.

  • Prune your trees regularly but carefully.

  • It’s vital to protect your pomegranate tree from pests and possible disease with either chemicals or with natural products (organic). Otherwise, all of your hard work through the spring and summer will be for nothing.

  • When caring for fruit trees properly, you’re treated not only to deliciously tangy and juicy fruit in the fall, you’ll also have the privilege of enjoying beautiful orange blooms on the tree in the early spring.

It’s possible for a pomegranate tree to grow as high as 20 feet into the air when it is cared for properly. The width of the tree can be quite wide too at approximately 8-10 feet across. Some trees have lived for 20 or 30 years in some climates!

But of course, the best part of caring for fruit trees is that when the fall harvest arrives, you’ll have beautiful fruit hanging from the tree branches, ripe for picking. Just imagine all the wonderful juice, jam, dessert, and other goodies you can make in your kitchen just by walking outside and picking pomegranate fruit from your very own trees!

Read enough about caring for fruit trees and want to discover more about the pomegranate tree?

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