The Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment, Pomegranate Juice, May Help Fight the Disease

Pomegranate juice, as an alternative lung cancer treatment, it may be one way to fight back against this horrible disease. Did you know that within the last decade, lung cancer has become the number one cancer that kills people every year? Given that traditional surgeries and other treatments don’t seem to control or stop lung cancer effectively, the key may be in actually preventing the disease from ever taking hold.

Researchers are beginning to talk about how pomegranate juice may be helpful in fighting different types of cancers and lung cancer has recently been added to the list. It’s exciting news! Here is a little bit about how pomegranate juice as an alternative lung cancer treatment could be beneficial in fighting the disease.

In Wisconsin, a group of researchers conducted a study using mice to see if adding pomegranate juice to their diet made a significant impact on lung cancer cells.
First, they induced lung tumors in the mice by giving the mice chemicals. The mice then received the extract of the pomegranate in their drinking water. Over the span of several months, the researchers recorded their results following tests on the lungs and the tumors. They looked for indicators that the pomegranate juice was impacting the growth and the spread of the cancer cells within the mice. They discovered that pomegranates could possibly reduce the occurrence or the spread of cancerous cells that affect the lungs.

Why Does Pomegranate Juice, as an Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment, Work?

Pomegranates contain high concentrations of antioxidants overall, but also contain some of the most powerful antioxidants that exist. Antioxidants have exhibited qualities that seem to inhibit and fight cancer cell growth and could also prevent the cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. The healthy fruit, pomegranate contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants as well.

It is presumed, based on the current research and results in hand, that by drinking pomegranate juice, you could reduce your chance of developing cells that can turn into cancerous cells. The juice of a pomegranate contains specific tannins called ellagitannins. Once the ellagitannins are digested into the body, they are transformed chemically into urolithins. It is thought that urolithins may be effective cancer fighting chemicals.

The healthy fruit, pomegranate also contains flavonoids that have shown great promise during test tube experiments for reducing tumor growth.

The Conclusion About Pomegranate Juice, as an Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment?

According to a gentleman by the name of Donald Yance, ellagic acid is a powerful inhibitor or preventive method for fighting lung cancer. Donald Yance holds the titles of nutritionist and master herbalist and has written a book about the positive and effective method of using herbal medicines to cure diseases.

The research conducted to date indicates that pomegranate juice, as an alternative lung cancer treatment, could be a powerful tool for preventing lung cancer. It also shows that pomegranate juice could be effective because it actually reduced the growth of lung cancer tumors in mice over time.

If the possibility of reducing your risk of lung cancer or helping to reduce lung tumors was available to you simply by drinking the juice of a pomegranate, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to add a delicious juice to your diet and reap the benefits too?

Read enough about alternative lung cancer treatment and want to discover other health benefits of pomegranate juice?

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